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Project 5000

Project 5000 is our summer food program in collaboration with Second Harvest Food Bank of East TN and the local school systems to provide easy accessible meals for children during the summer months.  

Project 5000 was developed in 2017 and has provided thousands of easy accessible meals to children.

Haven of Help & Hope

When children are removed from their homes, it can sometimes be difficult to find an immediate, safe place for them to go.  Haven of Help & Hope is our transitional apartment, which temporarily provides a safe, home-like environment for DCS to stay with children while awaiting a more permanent placement to become available.


Kip's Kloset

Kip's Kloset allows a child in transition to "shop" for brand new clothes.  Often when a child in removed from their home they do not have the opportunity to take their belongings with them, Kip's Kloset allows them to pick out their own clothes to take with them to their more permanent placement.  Kip's Kloset was established in memory of Kip McCoy Walker. 

Strong Women Strong Futures

We are proud members of the Women’s Fund of East Tennessee (WFET) network, a group of nonprofit organizations working together to change the narrative in our region so that girls, women, and caregivers feel supported and encouraged to pursue a postsecondary education. 


The network is leading the Strong Women Strong Futures campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the opportunities provided by postsecondary education, whether that’s taking classes at a community college, getting a certificate from a technical school, or attending a four-year college. Our goal is that more girls and young women see post-secondary education as a real and viable option and ultimately enroll in it.


This effort is important for our region. Nearly one in six women in Tennessee live in poverty, and half of Tennessee families depend on a female breadwinner. Having a postsecondary education can lead to economic security: higher income, more stable employment, and job benefits for our women and girls. 


Postsecondary education can open doors for women and girls and their families, thereby expanding opportunities for all people in East Tennessee.

Graduation Ceremony

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