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Child Protection Investigation Team (CPIT)

The Children's Center of the Cumberlands partners with other agencies and helps facilitate the multi-disciplinary approach to intervention, investigation, prosecution, and treatment of abuse.  The Child Protection Investigation Team (CPIT) is a inter-agency approach to better serve and protect and provide justice for children who are victims of abuse through collaborative efforts to ensure the best possible outcomes for these children and non-offending families.  In addition to our staff at the Children's Center, the 8th Judicial District Attorney General's office, Department of Child Safety, local law enforcement, and the juvenile court complete our CPIT.


Trent Coffey

Juvenile Court Represenative

July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020

Prosecution/Litigation             4

Cases Substantiated              25

Cases Unsubstantiated          50

CPIT Annual Statistical Report
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